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Doodled up a HYDRA logo sketch earlier, for the heck of it (while watching Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) and decided, an hour later, to give it the ol’ polished look and I threw some red on it. It might turn into something eventually, like a background for HYDRA member fan art, but for now, it’s here….all tentacle-like and whatnot. 

Hail, HYDRA? Maybe just for today…


My entry for WeLoveFine’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 T-Shirt Design Contest! You can view my entry on the website here.

A brighter, more colorful version of this sketched version. I wanted to do something with it and when I heard about the contest, I just had to jump in on it! 

Was a little bummed that I missed out on the first HTTYD contest, so I thought I’d make amends (to myself) and jump in on this contest. Rating starts on August 12th! :D



Screenshots from the sneak peek of Transformers Robot in Disguise 2015 series~ =] I love the BGs and graphic Miyazaki-esque coloring style~ And Bumblebee’s new design~ <3

Sneak peek trailer can be watched here:

Woohoo, they’re finally showing stuff from our new show.

And it looks so pretty! O.O Can it be 2015 now, please?


Quick sketch and color of Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, managed to get it done within two hours, my maximum goal for warm ups or wind downs. I’m trying to aim for an hour, doing sketches and colors at a faster speed tends to keep my motivation going. I’m going to see what sort of warm up session I’m going to have today…

This is also done at a much lower resolution, than my usual 300dpi. Doing warm ups at 100-200dpi seems more convenient, especially since  it seems I have much better control over my strokes at lower resolution.

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