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Livestream Today @ 4 PM EST!


I’ll be streaming today! Yeah, a last minute announcement, I know. 

I’m working on a Darkwing Duck challenge piece, after losing the previous file somewhere on my computer. So, feel free to stop on by! :D

This will also be a test run for future streams. I’ve got a batch of commissions to do and I’ll be streaming those as well soon. :D

Experiencing technical difficulties, again. Apparently, Livestream Procaster has been replaced by Livestream Producer. I had no idea and it might explain why I’ve been having so many issues. Procaster is now obsolete and it fails to connect to the server. 

Finally, the LEGO sets have vacated their boxes to enjoy a cardboard-free life in the comforts of their very own shelf space. Ask me about my adult toys and this is what I’ll show you.

Eventually, I’ll get to the rest of the toy collection that has been accumulating over the past five years or so….

Dude, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I was finally able to catch it in theaters today. Wow. 

It gets a ‘top-shelf’ rating from me. 

Also, it would be swell if there were more Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Jump on that, Marvel Studios!




For Windows.

My friends and I occasionally have this problem so I’ve taught them this simple method that takes less than a minute as opposed to waiting several for your computer to restart(especially if it’s slow).

What’s great about this method is that sometimes restarting your computer wont fix the problem, but this usually will.


This is important, otherwise the changes wont take effect. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again, sometimes it takes restarting it more than once.

For Windows 8, search for “services.msc” in your apps and click on the result. Continue from there!

Now go draw, babies!

Very helpful! This works whenever my tablet is having any problems at all. It’s very simple and very effective!

This is a useful tip a friend taught me, so I thought I might as well spread the good word.


New commission info! All money earned in commissions are now going toward my new laptop, since my current four year old one decided to stop working entirely. It would cost more to keep fixing it, so it’s time for a new one! I’m borrowing caustic-geek’s old laptop for the time being.

As said, all prices are for single character drawings, additional fees for more characters. I will not draw extreme violence or pornography, most anything else is fine, though. I only accept payment through paypal. About the buttons, the prices include shipping, but if you are outside of the US, please contact me. If you have any questions about anything, or are interested in a commission, please send me an ask on this blog, or an email at! 

If anything, reblogs are super greatly appreciated! Can’t get the word out if it doesn’t spread! Thanks so much!!!


"HAYWIRE" PREVIEW SCENE! The best laid plans of agents & aliens…

When their sneak attack into the Elementors’ mega-virus station literally blows up in their faces, Max, Steel and Forge have to improvise fast.

Want the rest? Go on and pick it up. It’s available in print and digital. 

These are some of my favorite pages from Jan. That wireframe Steel shows off in the first panel isn’t just window dressing - - he actually worked out a building plan for the station to keep scene geography. Love how he handled the gag with Max’s giant frisbee/grate.

This scene really shows off the awesome extra work Zack put in, too. He gave each Ultra-Link and Elementor their own stylized balloons and font, and drew all the SFX by hand. Bing, indeed!

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